User research, UX/UI design, web design, iconography, prototyping, usability testing


Artifical Intelligence
Paul Guardia, Emma Fudge,
Silas Silva & Alvaro Sevilla

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DeepSense is an enterprise based out of Dalhousie University that works with companies in the ocean industry. DeepSense helps these companies use their data effectively through AI and Machine learning.

The problem

DeepSense approached us to help them better connect and communicate with post secondary students. Our team surmised DeepSense’s ambitions into three critical goals. The first is to create a message that communicates the value of DeepSense to students. Second is to educate and engage with students on the growing opportunities in the ocean economy and ocean data science. The final goal is to develop a pool of students with the necessary skills and background to work directly with DeepSense and DeepSense Partners.

The outcome

We accomplished DeepSense’s goals by creating a targeted message for students, and a marketing funnel for potential student interns. Creating a marketing funnel included building a social media campaign, re-designing the Deepsense website and starting a LinkedIn community group. The DeepSense website re-design also included a form we created so students and other users could sign up for a DeepSense monthly newsletter.

Our Impact

After completing DeepSense’s goals we received almost instant feedback. Days after launch our LinkedIn community group was +100 members strong and today it is currently sitting close to 300 members. Our redesign of the DeepSense website created a more user friendly experience and better suited for students. As a result of this there was an increase in student engagement with DeepSense. Now DeepSense has a pool of students with the necessary skills and background to work with them and DeepSense’s partners.

Visit the LinkedIn Ocean Data & Artificial Intelligence Canadian Networking Community here

Creating Student Awareness

Social Media Campaign

We created a social media campaign for DeepSense directed towards post secondary students. This social media campaign is called “Ocean data 101” and shows students the practical application of AI & ML in the ocean industry. Through interviews with marine scientists we created stories that shared their work in hopes of inspiring students.

Student Engagement

DeepSense Website Re-design

The DeepSense website re-design was to enhance the overall look, usability, and make it more friendly for students. Our re-design added a student page that gives students information on internships and the ocean industry. The call to action on the student page is to sign up to the DeepSense newsletter and the LinkedIn community group. Students that sign up then have access to current ocean industry news and internship postings.

Students Networking

Joining the LinkedIn online community

After students sign up for the DeepSense newsletter, they are invited to join the Ocean Data & Artifical Intelligence Networking Community. This LinkedIn group connects students to the data driven ocean community. Here students can learn about the ocean industry, how AI is being applied to ocean data, and find internships and jobs with ocean tech companies.

DeepSense Iconography

A visual system for DeepSense

We tailored 60 icons specifically for the unique topic of ocean data, and ocean artificial intelligence. These icons have many applications, they are applied on the DeepSense website, social media and newsletter.

Understanding students needs

Interviews, personas and key messaging

How we arrived at our final deliverables was by first researching and understanding students. We interviewed 20 students from various universities: Dal, NSCC, and UPEI. The data we collected helped us find out what the students needs were and what kind of message DeepSense needs to deliver.

After the interviews we found common themes among the students. These common themes helped us develop personas. These personas allowed us to pin point the key messages DeepSense should use to communicate with students.

Key messaging to students

There is a large amount of funding currently being put towards the growing ocean industry, there is a need for ocean data and AI innovation, and many profitable jobs in this market.